Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Swamp Life

My avatar is the Grundle, but without the Acidulous Dexterous Dragonfly, his existence in Hiveland would be a troublesome one. The Grundle hunts and gathers food for the two of them throughout the golden current that flows through Hiveland. Due to the Grundle's natural taste for mushrooms and fungi, they mostly reside in the Melting Pot. However, due to ADD's dexterity they are able to travel throughout the regions seemingly undetected. Without each other, their reality would be one of hiding and survival, but because of their ability to symbiotically support one another, they have been able to exist in this dangerous world without any hassle. This allows them to focus on their own connections with their surroundings, as oppose to living in fear. Although very illusive , their connection to nature (through sacred ether and mushroom rituals, a.k.a "Grundle Flipping") has spawned rumors of a tremendous power that allows them to communicate and draw magic from the core of Hiveland. There has been no need for this amount of power in recent times, though legend has it that they played a huge role in the creation of Hiveland and the organization of it's worlds.

So come by Saturday at the Hive gallery in downtown to meet him and other denizens of Hiveland.